The word of His Highness the Amir

Faisal bin Salman bin Abdulaziz

Governor of the Medina region

Al Madinah al Munawwarah Is the home of  Hijra the migration to the city by the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and the bastion of Islamic Plath and civilization. In this city the Prophet (PBUH), that paramount human being, made his home and here he was buried. It is a place that lures hearts, spreads serenity and evokes in Muslims emotions that are rooted in their very souls. It is the matriarch and mode of all cities. Al Madinah radiates its own unique style, and its unforgettable story In the bistory of Islam and of the Prophet (PBUH), still guiding the faithful into the paths of truth and tolerance, with its true message of faith for the good of all mankind Al Madinah developed architecturally, expanded in area and witnessed numerous aspects of growth, yet has always maintained its identity as a holy city. Development and growth have distinguished its story throughout the centuries with emotional ties to this Holy City continually growing, so it expanded in extent, buildings and population; and as the numbers of Muslims around the world rose steadily and the modes of transportation improved, the need to expand these buildings and facilities in Al Madinah became imperative  Effort to develop  and expand its facilities and services were led by the late King Abdulaziz ibn Abdulrahman Al Saud, who gave it his utmost attention as did his successors, King Saud, King Faisal, King Khaled King Fahd and King Abdallah. The present Custodian of the two Holy Mosques King Salman, continues in this same path of progress and development for the city As a result, Al Madinah will continue to witness extensive growth and expansion projects in various areas to meet its increasing future requirements. These will further facilitate services for its visitors and continue delivering its message to the faithful . Being chosen as the Capital of Islamic culture will probably add nothing new to Al Madinah, except to provide an opportunity to propagate its culture, values and history for others to benefit from To commemorate this occasion many cultural initiatives were undertaken, with a modern outlook and interpretation that will serve the culture of the city and make it more widely understood, Future plans include scientific centers, modern libraries, cultural programs, specialty museums and forums to reinforce the true Islamic doctrine Among the efforts to commemorate this cultural occasion, is the publication of this memorial book by Brazilian photographer and researcher Humberto Martins da Silveira, which delivers historical documentation of Al Madinah through outstanding photographic  images, thus providing a valuable visual account arts history, exploiting the impact of such visual accounts on the onlookers and reducer the meanings and knowledge that the images express. These are appropriate models of documentation for introducing Al Madinah through the ages, and for preserving the graphic story that the photographs record. This commemorative book will be a means to further ponder the valve disseminating information about Al Madinah using valuable photographic images which record the history of the city and allow researchers to conduct insightful studies of features of architectural and human growth and development for this Holy City. We take pride in being the custodians who serve this city, its people and its Muslim visitors. We pray that all our efforts will realize our aspirations for prosperity for this city of light, peace, and knowledge the City of our Prophet Mohammad  (PBUH) .


Faisal Ibn Salman ibn Abdulaziz Al Saud