A Magnificent panorama of old Madinah seen from the northeast, taken in 1880 by the Egyptian military engineer. Colonel Mohammad Sadiq Pasha ( 1822 - 1902 ). Sadiq holds the distinction of being the first person to photograph the Holy Cities of Madinah and Makkah.

This photograph, taken from a high building in the northeast of the city, shows the old city wall. On the left of the picture is the Masjid Al Nabawi with its Green Dome; the two minarets on the left are the 16th-centrury Sulaymaniyyah, built by Sultan Sulayman I, and just right of it the 19th-century Majidiyyah, built by Sultan Abdul Majid I.

Photograph : Sadiq Bey, 1880.

Collection : King Abdulaziz Public Library.

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